Monday, September 19, 2011

Mexican Lasagna

One Nigella Lawson show and quick check on my supplies later I discovered last night that I had all the ingredients to put together her "Mexican Lasagna" and thus find another inspired way of funneling (is that a word?) beans, corn and other such super foods into my children! The end result was a bit enchilada like but no complaints because putting it together was simple and made for a tasty, elegant one dish meal - both kids asked for seconds and there wasn't even any chicken in the mix.


1. Large Flour tortillas : 3 numbers
2. Frozen / Fresh sweet corn : 200 gms
3. Pinto/Black Beans/Rajma beans : 200 gms. I used cooked Rajma.
4. Any good quality cheddar : 250 gms
5. Store bought or home made lasagna sauce : About 300 ml. I used a home made ginger and tomato sauce. Ragu's or Prego or even a thick tomato based pasta sauce works just as well.


1. Mix together cooked Rajma beans, sweet corn and 3/4th of the grated cheddar in a bowl.
2. In an oven proof dish pour in a third of the lasagna sauce.
3. Place one large flour tortilla or two smaller ones on the sauce.
4. Next layer the lasagna with the bean mixture.
5. Repeat with remaining ingredients finally placing the last tortilla on top.
6. Sprinkle the remaining cheddar evenly over the last layer.

7. Bake at 200 degrees C for 15 minutes till cheese melts and begins to bubble.
8. When slightly cooled, cut into wedges and serve.

This was one of those dishes that was perfect all by itself - hearty and delicious. Buen Apetito!